10" Wood Engraved 144 piece puzzle

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An excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, and weddings! This customized gift will be sure to be more of a hit than a Wal-Mart gift card.

0.2'' Thick Wood

10" x ___ ; Depending on the layout of the picture one dimension will vary. We will try to square off the portrait based off of the image. It may not be a perfect square, and one dimension may come a little under 10"

Will be sent in a mason (cookie) jar with a copy of the image applied to the front of the jar. The top of the jar will be a durable vinyl decal with what ever wording or name you may choose.

Upon completion of your order, please email kevinb3graphics@gmail.com the image with the highest resolution possible and what word and color you would like on top of the jar. Please include the buyer's first name and last name.